A Treasure of Fitness Information!

I have both of Phil Campbell’s books. I have read the Sprint 8 Protocol over and over and am enlightened yet again. The best Fitness book I have ever read and will use it for many years. I am getting ready to start reading Ready Set Go for the 2nd time, These are books are a never ending supply of Fitness information for people of all age. I myself am 80 Years old . Great Books . Hats off to Phil Campbell. I will be looking for any future books by Phil Campbell. Great Work! – Tom Boyd

Great book!

Great book that expands on the Sprint 8 protocol that Phil Campbell introduced in his book “Read, Set, Go”. After practicing this training method for the past 15 years, I heartily recommend this training approach.This is not a gimmick or fad approach. It is an approach to fitness and improvement of athletic performance. Having won some 60 medals in Track and field competitions over the past fifteen years, I attribute my health, fitness, and improvement in athletic abilities to practicing the Sprint 8 protocol. Thanks Phil for another good book to get us going. – Ed

Priceless Information

After doing this program for a couple of months my health improved dramatically, I am looking fabulous in comparison to before, the extra stubborn fat disappeared, I’m toned all around, I have way more energy, I could work non stop without sitting from early morning till bed time, I have no bone pain anymore and I’m much happier. This is beyond amazing. I did not think that a form of exercise could do all these for you. Thank you Phil! – Diane Horn