Sprint 8 Cardio Protocol


Sprint 8 Cardio Protocol
ISBN: 978-0-692-65002-8

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Product Description

Phil Campbell’s new book, Sprint 8 Cardio Protocol (2016 release) unlocks the secrets of short-burst, maximum-effort, sprint-intensity cardio so you get superior results FAST.

Sprint 8 is the most revolutionary training tool to come along in decades. Phil Campbell has come up with the answer to the pressing issue of the poor physical condition of the average person today. What’s more, Sprint 8 is also a tightly condensed routine, so that it fits into the busy person’s harried time frame. That mix – a training routine that works and is short – is a winning combination. It is amazing to be able to get significant results from a program that lasts only 20 minutes in duration, but Phil has put such a program together with Sprint 8 and he has spent 40 years researching, testing and perfecting his cardio protocol.

Sprint 8 comes at the fitness arena from a totally different angle than other training programs. The Sprint 8 program enables whoever uses it to engage the key element that changes the body similar to injecting banned performance enhancing drugs, human growth hormone, naturally. Most workout routines come up short on this critical issue or miss it altogether but Sprint 8 successfully fires up human growth hormone in the body, creating significant positive change for people of all ages.

Sprint 8 is an entirely different approach than those that most programs employ. It gets people not to just work intensely, but it forces people to recruit both types of their fast-twitch muscle cells, an area many other programs ignore, and simply don’t apply the science. The Sprint 8 Protocol has been carefully crafted over 40 years to recruit all three muscle fiber types thereby conditioning the anaerobic and aerobic processes of the heart muscle in many different ways that can be done by anyone at any age. Sprint 8 can be used for a lifetime.

It’s not the trend of the month or just another way to get the heart rate up to burn more calories.

Phil Campbell’s new book
ISBN: 978-0-692-65002-8


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4 reviews for Sprint 8 Cardio Protocol

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    “After not quite 3 months on your program, I’ve now burned about 19 pounds of fat, added about 4 pounds of muscle, and cut body fat by almost 6 percent. My cholesterol dropped 70 points!”- Terry Bazyluk*, Writer/Lawyer, Maryland **(Results may vary)

  2. :

    “Phil Campbell is not trying to sell you anything except a longer, healthier life. A terrific concept, easy read, and a welcomed addition to a health and fitness library filled with more style than substance. This is the real deal.” – Keith Murphy*, NBC Sports Director, Des Moines **(Results may vary)

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    “I have to tell you that Sprint 8 has been GREAT for me. I bought a Vision Fitness recumbent and have been using it religiously since then. Sprint 8 is now a part of my lifestyle. I do Sprints 8 every other day without fail, and it feels great. I can see the results I am leaner than I’ve been in a while, have more energy, and just feel better in general. THANK YOU so much!!!!
    – Yvonne Blake*, Arizona Health, L.L.C.**(Results may vary)

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    “I have more energy and endurance than I could imagine. Before Sprint 8, I was running 8 to 10 minute miles. I’m now comfortably running 6 minute miles! I even ran a 5 minute 13 second mile yesterday at the end of my workout!!!I’m so impressed with the results that I’m now recommending your book and program to all my clients. This program really works and it works fast!”
    Tonya Patterson*, Nutrition Consultant, Personal Trainer & Lifestyle Coach

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